Sector 9 - Ginger DHD

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The Sector 9 Ginger DHD complete longboard is part of the 2011 Downhill Division Series, which caused quite a commotion in the longboarding scene with its functional shapes. 
Being the only board with drop in the whole series, the Ginger longboard holds a very special position within it. It's low, stable, and thanks to the construction made of maple wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, it's a beast when it comes down the mountain.

However it is also great for cruising carving. 
The 180mm Gullwing Charger trucks and the 74mm Race Formula wheels guarantee a superb steering behavior and a smooth, quiet riding experience. 

The Sector 9 Ginger complete longboard is definitely the highlight of the Downhill Division!


Size: 10.2'' x 39.5''

Trucks: Gullwing Charger 2, 180mm, 50°

Wheels: Sector 9 Race Formula, 74mm, 78A

5 plies maple, 5 plies fiberglass
Terrain: Carving, Cruising, Downhill, Freeride 

Flex: Flex 1 (hard)

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