Rainbow Sandals - The Cloud - Soft Rubber Top Black Polyester Strap

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The Cloud is the single layer version of the Cloud Collection.

It comes with a soft cushiony top sole and a comfortable polyester strap.

• Single Layer Arch 
• Soft Cushiony Top Sole 
• Embossed Rainbow Logo 
• Polyester Strap 
• Box X Toe Construction 
• Bonded Nylon Thread 
• Triple Glued 
• Non-Slip Bottom 
• Original Woven Logo 

The Low Cloud has a soft cushiony top sole, you sort of melt into, it is embossed with the Rainbow logo on the top sole, and has the single layer arch support. All on our Rainbow non-slip bottom sole. 

The soft polyester strap is sewn with bonded nylon thread and features our box X toe piece construction. The Original Rainbow woven label is sewn to the right toe. 

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