Longboard magazine True / Lies volume 15 # 7 no. 97

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Volume 15, Number 7

Issue 97

Everyone loves a good surf story.
Whether sitting around a camp fire trading tales, posting on blogs ir passing time between sets, a surf story can always find its place.
But the most extreme surf stories?
Now that raises the stakes something truly worth reading – spontaneity, unadulterated adrenalin, drug-induced decisions, near-death experiences, the paranormal, it all comes with the territory.
The hard part?
Trying to read just one.
That’d be why we included an bunch.
Also, two areas of interest arose and found a place in the issue.
First, call it coincidence or bad karma, nut as some solid swell hit the California coastline, wildfires erupted forcing hundreds of families from their homes.
Nonetheless, a number of Californians found solace in the lineups.
Second, an new breed of surfer ( with paddle in hand ) has been born and SUP has been all the rage.
Grab an issue and get informed.

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