Longboard magazine The Selling of Surfing volume 16 # 1 no. 98

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Volume 16, Number 1
Issue 98

The Selling of Surfing

Oh, the ways that surfing has been used over the years.
Not just to sell boardies mind you, but cars, booze, even life insurance.
It’s crazy.
So we sat down, thought it through and did a little group expose about “The Selling of Surfing”.
Yes, the surfing scene has certainly changed over the years, but it’s also amazing how much some things have stayed the same – like surf clubs.
At the heart of these gregarious groups of surfers are the sports at its purest state, sans big-money exploitation and general commercialism.
Though the surf world around us seems to be reaping the benefits of the sport’s image and widespread appeal, there are certain individuals (namely those that ride longboards) that have yet to really cash in.
Colin McPhillips is a three-time world longboard champion, but financially speaking he’s no P-Diddy or A-Irons.
With the world Longboard Tour back in action though, and despite the meagre rewards on offer, he’s amped for a run at a fourth.
Lots to see and learn.

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