Longboard magazine Hawaii Volume 16, Number 2

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Volume 16, Number 2

Issue 99

Hawaiians have a unique relationship with the sport of surfing.
Their ancestors are the forefathers and their coastline is the ultimate proving ground for superstars an aspiring pros.
It’s no wonder then tatht Hawaiians also happen to be some of the most accomplished and innovative groups with a board under their feet.
And when we sent one of our writer/photographers over to hang out, they didn’t disappoint.
Getting shacked, ripping turns off the bottom and ridiculously long noserides were the tale of the trip.
Some were pulled off flawlessly and others resulted in a trip over the falls – regardless, it was documented.
And while Hawaii was a testament to longboarding’s big-wave possinilities, Noosa was a test of patience.
Small waves were the story of the GSI Noosa Festival of Surfing, but a dearth of swell will NEVER keep a good party down.
Those in attendance got their jollies rubbing elbows with surf celebrities, listening to good music and throwing back a few XXXXX Gold’s.
While there we also managed to corner Taylor Jensen and find out what exactly goes through the mind of the most experimental longboarder in the world.

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