Longboard magazine 100 Volume 16, Number 3

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Volume 16, Number 3

Issue 100

From the biggest and the baddest, down to the smallest shop-next-door type locations, every surfer has a favorite place to stop when the need for some surf necessity rears up.
It’s personal thing, some prefer the mega-shops where it’s guaranteed that any and every commodity, down to the most minute, trite detail will be in stock, ready for instant purchase.
And others, being on a first –name basis with the guy behind the counter is all that really matters.
The rest can wait.
The basic surf shop story has repeated itself since the beginning of surfing’s skyrocket to prominence, yet it’s one that is rarely told and mote often than not, wholly overlooked.
This issue is dedicated to those special places that, through their retailing diligence, keep us all in the water – this is where surf shops finally get their due.
Also included: Yancy “Gulf Coast Flash” Spencer’s unlikely tale is recounted by Paul Holmes, and LBM cathches up with Josh Moor to see how sweet life can be anyway from comtptitive surfing ( if you do it right ).

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