KP - Simon Anderson 1.0 Quad fins FCS

€125,50 €105,00 Incl. btw


  • Honey Comb Inner core
  • Special-blend glass resin
  • LDT (Liquid Dynamic Technology) construction
  • Lustre Finish

Simon Anderson 1.0 Front Fin Specs

Size :  Medium

Suited for surfers 57 - 75 kg  / 126 - 167 lbs 

Simon Anderson 1.0 Front Fin Specs 

  • BASE: 110mm (Medium Size) | 113mm (Large Size)
  • DEPTH: 115mm (Medium Size) | 120mm (Large Size)

Simon Anderson 1.0 Rear Fin Specs

  • BASE: 100mm (Medium Size) | 105mm (Large Size)
  • DEPTH: 105mm (Medium Size) | 103mm (Large Size)

SA – 1.0 quad fin  is an all-round performance fin designed to have good drive for speed and hold throughout the length of your turn.

The shape has a reasonably wide base with an mid range tip.

Foil,  flex  and ratio is designed in conjunction with the shape of the fin to be fairly stiff at het base for stability but thinning out towards the tip to flex a little for a measure of spring and life.

The inside foil on the forward side fins has a small concave to assist in speed and help give a lively feel but won’t over react at maximum speed when the power is on and control is critical.

Quad back fins are ¼” smaller but also the same shape and flex ratio as the forward side fins with 50 / 50 double side foil to produce as much control as possible in a quad board.









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