Surftech - Stretch 6'2"Fletcher 4

€695,00 Incl. tax


This board is designed for world-class aerialist, Nathan Fletcher. We've made the nose and tail full which straightens out the mid-section, thus inducing speed.
The fuller template affords riders to go about 2" shorter than their normal shortboard.
The fin configuration is such that it rides like a tri-fin yet produces even more drive and acceleration.
A "fishy" feel that surfs off the tail, this design is quick turning, ultra-responsive, and fast!
From small beach breaks to Tahitian death tubes to monster Mavericks, Nathan, as well as many other riders, are riding this design in any size, in any condition, and in any location!
We like to think of this board as the next evolution of the surfboards!
Relaxed entry with gradual, continuous curve throughout.
Soft 50-50 rails through nose & mid section, sharp behind fins.
Single concave with subtle vee out of tail.


Tuflite - Developed as an extremely strong, lighter weight board with a medium flex, the Tuflite composites are exact replicas of original hand shapes and are the most durable board in the water with very little deck denting or pressure dings.

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type shortboard
length 6'2
nose 12
mid 19
tail 15
thickness 2 5/16
fins FCS Fin Setup quad
shaper Nathan Fletcher
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