Matunas Wax 4-Pack WARM

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Matunas Warm 19 - 28 C.
64 - 74 F.

Matunas Surf Wax is the first high-performance non-toxic and biodegradable wax on the market.
It is designed to be environmentally friendly - with no petroleum chemicals to harm to you or other wildlife. Even their labels are made from recycled paper, printed with soy bean ink.
All bars have the amazing scent of organic raspberry mixed with wild jasmine and a faint hint of coconut and honey.
Made entirely of local California products.
Full ingredients list is: Organic raspberries, wild jasmine, natural strained beeswax, wild tree sap, California clay, coconut oil, aloe and honey. As for performance:
Don't let the fruity smell and eco-love fool you! With Team Riders like Gavin Beschen, Cory Lopez, Chris Ward and Jason "Ratboy" Collins surfing on it daily - you know the stuff works!
The wax remains sticky and tacky during surf sessions, and applies easily with instant bumps providing excellent traction.
A square mold is used with a diagonal breakaway so it's easy to break into two triangle bars.
Years of research and development went into crafting Matunas.
Does Matunas perform as well as the better know brands?
Yep! In fact, in a blind study with 150 people, 97 chose Matunas over the other name brands for tackiness, texture, performance, smell, the works!
One last benefit - since Matunas is all-natural, there's less chance you'll rash up from it!

4 pieces!

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