Future -Vector II JC1 Black Stix

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Fin Details:

Fin Type: Thruster – Vector II

Height: 4.58in - 11.63 cm
Base: 4.37 in - 11.1 cm
Area: 15.05 in - 97.1 cm


Black Stix (RTM) Engineered flex

• Strategically placed carbon for torsional flex
• Faster Flex Rebound
• Maximum drive
• Whip-like turns
• Light and strong

Foil Type: Vector II

It takes the best speed generating attributes of a Vector foil (at the base) and transitions into a flat foil in the tio for a controlled release in critical turns.
For drive off the bottom with release off the top and in-the-pocket high performance surfing.

Recommended For:
Weight Category: 160 - 200 lbs (Pancho)

Surf Type: Rippable Surf - A Blend of Drive and Release

This fin equals drive.

The full tip with a medium base allows this fin to do its magic.


We can take the same materials and use them differently in the construction of a fin to get different performance qualities.

The Blackstix are designed with a springy twist in the tip, while the Techflex are designed to open out from the middle.

It is impossible to look at the shape, foil, and flex of a fin independently.
They all work together to create the feel under your feet.

The Blackstix for example are designed to feel lively and to generate speed when you might be held back by the conditions.

The V2 foil carbon fiber base creates lift, and the tip has less carbon so that the tip is snappy and flexible.

The tip is designed to rotate perpendicular to the stringer during turns springing back releasing energy at the end of turns.

Picture pulling back a bow and then releasing the arrow at the end of each bottom turn.

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