Future - F8 Thermo Tech

€47,50 Incl. tax
The F8 is a large size template close the JC1 or the EA.

It has a full base with a moderately free tip.
The largest fin set in the F Series, designed to accommodate the weight of heavier surfers.
The F8 is a well balanced fin that performs great for any level of surfer in all conditions.

Fin Details:

Fin Type: Thruster

Height : 4.55in - 11.6cm
Base - 4.64in - 11.8cm
Area -15.98in² - 103.01cm²

Recommended For:

Weight Category: 155 lbs - 210 lbs / 70 – 100 kg

Surf Type: Big Wave For Speed and Drive

Made From: ThermoTech

Foil Type: Traditional

New ThermoTech Manufacturing Fins

ThermoTech closely mimic's the feel of glass’ons.

All new Futures manufacturing fins come with the Truss base :

The use of Truss and I-beam technology gives the base of the fin a maximum stiffness to weight ratio.

This enables Futures to have 60% more base than plug systems while still remaining extremely light and stiff

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