Firewire -Flexfire 5'10

€650,00 Incl. tax

The FLEXFIRE Series is designed around the performance specifications of our top surfers.
The dimensions, foils and rail configurations are all geared towards maximum speed and the tightest turning radius possible.
The rapid response flex memory inherent in FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY ensures that the FLEXFIRE series explodes through turns while the parabolic rails configuration guarantees 100% returns memory for years.


FIREWIRE Surfboards’ FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY features controlled flex memory with rapid rebound.
The PARABOLIC balsa wood rails flex at the start of the storing energy an rebound through the turn, releasing built up energy in the form of speed.
The spring back of the PARABOLIC rail to the original rocker triggers rapid acceleration, like an arrow shot from a bow.
Combined with the composite materials used in our sandwich construction, PARABOLIC balsa rails reduce material fatigue en ensure that FIREWIRE Surfboards maintain their long lasting “twang-like sensation”.

Tail: squash tail
Fins : PC-3

Fins FCS PC3 with inside foil

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