Surfing and the Meaning of Life

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Book Description

“Out of the water, I am nothing.”—Duke Kahanamoku

“Nothing can keep my out of the water.”—Tom Curren

All sports have their cultures, but surfing alone seems to have created a whole style—even a philosophy—of life. In this book, wit and wisdom and living for the wave come together to point the way to the ride of your life—or at least an enjoyable read. With the words of sages of the surf as unlikely as Mark Twain and Jack London and as close to the heart of the sport as Miki Dora, Greg Noll, Nat Young, Kelly Slater, and Laird Hamilton—and with photographs that capture the thrill of the ride—this book explains the meaning of life as only surfers can understand it. And because, as Brock Little remarks in Fade to Black, “Adrenaline is a funny drug,” a book about surfing must have its dose of humor—and this one does, along with surfing’s undeniable rush. The perfect philosophy gift book for the true surfer.

“If you accept all the doctrines of society, you’ll never be a surfer.”—Nat Young

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