Longboarder's Start-Up: A Guide to Longboard Surfing

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Book Description

Learn All About the Resurgent Riding Style That’s Sweeping the Surfing Planet!

• BasicSkills
• Classic Noseriding
• Progressive Manoeuvres

Design innovations and new appreciation for grace and poise of surfing a longer board has lifted the art of longboarding back into the limelight and, more importantly, back into the minds of serious surfers who are looking to expand their wave riding.

From Basics to High Performance:

In the first half, Longboarder’s Start-Up covers the basics of longboard equipment, wave selection, courtesy, and surfing technique through standing up.
The second part gets into intermediate and advanced longboarding skills including: cross-stepping and trimming, turning and turning maeuvers, essential noseriding and, finally, some of the breathtaking tricks that pros execute so flawlessly.

Hot Surfers & Over 150 Photos:

The key points are brought home with stripped down text and photos featuring some of the best longboard surfers on earth, including, Ted Robinson, Colin Mc Phillips, Jeff Kramer and Mark Stewart.

Doug Werner teamed up with Stewards Surfboards, the world’s largest and most innovative longboard design/manufacturing center, in order to produce Longboarder’s Start-Up.
An avid surfer for over 30 years, Werner is the author of several acclaimed sporting guides including Surfer’s Start-Up and Snowboarder’s Start-Up.

Paperback: 160 pages

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