Estim Surf Travel Guide South West France

€12,50 Incl. tax
• All the tips to plan and live an awesome trip
• Detailed overview of the coastline from the Pointe du Verdon, Médoc, to Hendaye, Basque Country
• Complete data of about 70 surf breaks with pictures and maps
• Detailed tide, wind and swell data
• Description of 26 surf destinations with photos, maps and access
• The "things to do" when you can't surf
• The best places to go for a drink or a meal, to stay overnight or to repair your board

Estim association aims at bringing good vibes in boardriding sports.

Our members share a common passion: discovering the world and its diversity while surfing, snowboarding and/or skateboarding.
We built this surf travel guide on knowledge of our 350 members living throughout the region.

Use it to score great waves, enjoy our best plans while respecting the environment and the local surfers.

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