Longboard magazine # 96 2007

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Volume 15, Number 6

Issue 96 15 YEARS of modern longboarding.

Fifteen years of publishing a longboard-specific magazine will bring about a fairly keen sense of the sport.
With all the faces , contests, breaks and politics that accompany that time frame, making a few judgment calls and earmarking certain loggers as the top dogs seemed to be fair game.
So we did.
In fact, we came up with 15 categories and made some choices (some that may be right on, others tat are way off ) that 15 years of experience has influenced.
Also, longboarding is entrenched in an inner-struggle between two opposing parties on how and why a longboard should and could be ridden.
It’s rather apparent that this also dates back to the divergence between the “rad” and “trad”, the single-fin and tri-fin.
So we snuck our nose into all that business and gave you the hard facts.
And in case you’re not so certain of the high-performance potential of your nine-foot-plus stick, there’s some proof from Puerto Escondido that longboards are made to be ridden most anywhere.

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