"The girl's guide to Surfing"

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Book Description

The Girl's Guide to Surfing delivers all a girl needs to score the wave of her choice.
The surfing population has recently exploded, and women are in the water more than ever.
For all these hearty souls, author Andrea McCloud delivers down-to-earth instruction and indispensable advice.
Find out what kind of surf equipment is specifically right for women and how to get it. Learn how to read local breaks and tides for catching the right wave at the right spot. Get the lowdown on surf etiquette to avoid getting yelled at, or worse, crashing into someone.
And hear war stories from the pros about how they learned to surf, how they conquer fear, and what it's like to pull into a fat tube.
Featuring loads of informative illustrations, sidebars, and tips, The Girl's Guide to Surfing is the bible for any girl who wants to catch a wave.

Beautiful illustrated by Symbolon, 143 pages.

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