Surftech - JC 6'8" Peter Mel Machine

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Although famous for his big wave exploits, Peter Mel is also recognized as one of the best small wave riders in the world, which is really amazing considering that he is over 200lbs and 6'4".
Ride the Peter Mel Machine and find out how he does it.
Great for the bigger guys that want to rip or just the rest of us that want to catch a wave a bit easier, SO WE CAN RIP!

Ability: For beginner till advanced surfer.

Wave type: Works in almost everything from waist high till one and half overhead.

Fins :

Centre : FCS M5
Side : FCS M5

Tuflite - Developed as an extremely strong, lighter weight board with a medium flex, the Tuflite composites are exact replicas of original hand shapes and are the most durable board in the water with very little deck denting or pressure dings.


The shape is a strange blend of dimensions. Its pitched as a step up board from the 6'4". But its not a fat boy (or lazy boy) either. It manages to keep a very subtle blend of volume and high performance curves. The nose rocker is a beautiful progressive curve, I think its about 4 1/2". This type of curve suits my style as a front footed surfer.
As always the first thing was to take out the cheap plastic fins and put in a pair of FCS H2's. My first day out was at my local beach in head high messy conditions. I have always been looking for a board that makes the most of these conditions. Well this is the one. On my first wave the board just flew down the line cranking 3 or 4 really nice smooth turns. I have ridden this board quite a bit and I really like it, its fast smooth and handles messy conditions really well.It also paddles great. I have nothing bad to say about this board. If you have put on a bit of meat or are sprouting some grey hair it could be the one to keep your surfing high performance.

Rating: 5/5 loving it!

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