Surftech - Gerry Lopez - Little Darlin

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The LITTLE DARLIN grew out of the Gerry's extremely popular Cheater in the search for more high performance without losing the paddle power.

The Little Darlin' is a sweet, quick, easy-riding board that can take it to the juice with confidence, knowing it will catch most any wave and still handle late takeoffs, steep drops, and fast, hollow sections.

A single to double concave gives the Little Darlin' speed and holding power when the juice comes down.

Length       Width       Thickness          Volume (L)

6'4"            20.25"        2.625"               36.8L

6'8"            20.375"      2.688"               39.9L

7'0"            20.5"          2.75"                 43.2L

7'6"            21"             2.813"               48.5L

7'11"           21.5"         2.875"               53.5L

Surfboard edge:

"Learning how to ride inside the tube at places like the Pipeline, the Ala Moana Bowl and later on at Uluwatu and G-Land taught me the importance of a good hard edge. Rails with no edges don't hold in very well in a steep wall and especially in the tube. A good edge is also key to acceleration and generating speed whether a wave is hollow or mushy. Obviously a soft edge is more forgiving but I've always felt going fast was a better friend than hoping to save a bobbled turn. Not everyone thinks like me and if my rails have too much edge than you're used to... there is always sandpaper. A block and some 400 wet or dry sandpaper can knock down that edge. My recommendation is to give those hard edges a good chance before you resort to sanding them and you might make a new friend... SPEED. Going fast is way better than going slow. 

Keep paddling!" -Gerry Lopez, Owner/Shaper

***Fins NOT included

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