KP - Simon Anderson 4.0 Quad FCS

€125,50 €105,00 Incl. btw



  • Honey Comb Inner core
  • Special-blend glass resin
  • Carbon construction
  • LDT (Liquid Dynamic Technology) construction
  • Lustre Finish


Size :  Large

Suited for surfers:  168 lbs-230 lbs (76 kg - 104 kg)

Simon Anderson 4.0 Front Fin Specs

 BASE: 115mm 

DEPTH: 115mm

Simon Anderson 4.0 Center Fin Specs

BASE: 105mm (Large Size)

DEPTH: 110mm (Large Size)

SA – 4.0 Quad is a large fin suited to surfers 76 – 105 kg 

The shape is upright but laid back has a moderately  wide base and tip area with a flat inside foil on the forward side fin.

SA – 4.0 quad back fins are ¼”smaller but the same shape and flex ratio as the forward side fins.

With a 50 / 50 double side foil providing a balanced feel with immense drive and hold to assist high performance boards in the barrel or small wave fish style boards through turns on the face.

Simon fins are suited to a wide variety of performance boards with moderate to heavy rocker with concave and or vee bottoms.

Including Fish style and modern shortboards to step up models to be surfed in small to medium size beach, reef and point waves.




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