Exile - Hornet Double Carbon XL - Sinc

€575,00 Incl. btw


De Hornet ™ Shape is nieuw in onze line-up voor 2018. Het is het hoogtepunt van meer dan een jaar R&D met ons elite team van rijders om onze meest populaire Hybrid Shape te nemen en het DAT veel beter te maken.

We hebben de hybride vorm genomen en het tail profiel iets smaller en scherper gemaakt. Dit creëert een vorm die vergelijkbaar is met de Hybrid, MAAR is ultra responsief onder de lip en heeft extra 'hold' op de face van grotere, steilere golven.

Ideaal voor gemiddelde tot bovengemiddelde omstandigheden. 

Dit board zal niet teleurstellen !!!


53.31" x 20.94" 180 - 215 lbs.

Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy Construction

This is the board that changed it all. Many have tried to copy this board, all have failed. Unlike most skimboard companies, the most popular board we sell is also the most expensive board we sell. Why you ask? 'Cause, it’s just that good. The perfect balance of weight, strength and stiffness combine to make the most popular high-end skimboard ever. Every trick in the book, with no corners cut make this the best value in skimboarding. We have customers still riding these boards from when our company was founded in 2002. Do you want the best? This is it. Come and get it!

Carbon Fiber is practically synonymous with top-of-the-line in any industry. This fabric is highly coveted for its extreme strength and stiffness. Exile uses only Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber and Epoxy resin, making these boards stronger, stiffer, and lighter than our fiberglass boards. Truly the best skimboard money can buy and the trusted construction of all our top Professional riders.

Key Features of Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy:

  • A Full Sheet of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber on the top and bottom
  • Premium Epoxy Resin
  • S-Glass Reinforced Bottom
  • Reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass
  • Ultra High Density PVC Foam Core
  • Double Wrapped Rails
  • Every Trick in the Book
  • Size, Shape, and Thickness Options for ANY Size Rider in ANY Type of Conditions

5/8" Thickness

5/8" thickness is our thinnest core we offer. The thinner core creates an incredibly responsive skimboard that excels in average to great wave conditions. The thinner core does come at the cost of a little buoyancy.

Hybrid Rocker

The Hybrid Rocker is what we put on 90% of the boards we produce and is the most versatile skimboard rocker for skimming anything from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Cabo. It clocks in roughly at 2.25" in the nose and about .125" in the tail with a fairly good size flat spot in the middle of the board. This allows the board to transition from sand to water easily, be super fast, and turn on a dime. If you aren't sure, this would be our pick!

Standard Build

Our industry-leading standard build

Textured Finish

Light, Strong, Durable, and preferred by riders who put more emphasis on performance than cosmetics. This is the finish the company was built on, and the golden standard which others imitate. Some sanding required for proper traction adhesion.

Flat Deck

This deck option is the standard skimboard deck option seen on most skimboards.

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