Surftech - Walden - Mini Magic - Dual-Core 6'8"

€995,00 Incl. tax

The Mini Magic Dual-Core is a scaled-down version of Walden's famous Magic Model.

This is a good choice for a smaller surfer, people who are transitioning from a shortboard to a longboard or vice versa - longboarders wanting to go shorter while still maintaining some volume and float.

The Dual-Core gives the Mini Magic the best of both style of constructions with PolyUrethane on the rails and EPS in the Center.

The PU foam is laminated to the EPS with a TPU material which provides more pop and response.
Like the bigger Magic Model the hull has a unique design, the front 1/2 of the hull is concave, this single concave transitions into a double concave in the rear 1/3 and ends towards the tail that has a moderate “V”.

The rails are hard.

The concave nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding.

The double concaved hull and hard rails make the board fast, stable, responsive and maneuverable in all conditions.

This board performs as well as slow surf as it does on speedy beach breaks.

The Mini Magic maneuvers well out of turns while maintaining a forgiving nature, and is an excellent nose rider too.


Fusion Dual-Core is the perfect blend of EPS and PU foams engineered to give you the ideal feel while increasing the performance and flex of your board. The float and response comes from the EPS in the middle of the board while the PU on the rails gives you the fell and drive in and out of turns. These two foams are laminated together with a TPU which acts like a shock absorber in your board. The PU rail inserts maximize the swing-weight of your board for smoother airs and snaps. Give the Dual-Core a try and take your surfing to the next level.

Board Width 21"
Board Thickness 2 3/4"
Board Volume 46.1 L
Board Shaper Steve Walden

***Fins Not Included

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