Science - MS 7 42" Cresent Tail

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The 7 is our most popular PE core board.
It features a crescent tail and flat deck.
We added nose bulbs and contours to give it extra control.
The PE core works extremely well in cooler water conditions.
Many team riders choose this board for technical riding as it has a very natural feeling flex pattern.
The template and crescent tail allow it to work very well in ledging hollow wavers, but still carves hard and fast on the wave face.
While the PE makes it feel significantly different than our PP core boards, it has a special feeling of control and purpose.
The 7 is a team favourite.
Each size board has a custom template to retain all the performance criteria regardless of the size.

High tolerance PE core

* Tri Laminate deck and rails Skins
* Surlyn tri laminate bottom
* Crescent Tail
* Channels
* 2 RCS woven composite stringers



weight rider 65 - 90kg / 140- 200 lb
height rider 1,75 - 1,95 m

Stewart is a nine-time former world champion in bodyboarding.

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