Future - CM2 - Clay Marzo

€99,50 Incl. tax
This is Clay Marzo's next fin incarnation featuring an updated template and built in our Techflex construction for powerful surfing.

The large base provides drive off the bottom while the small tip allows you to release the fins

Fin Details:

Fin Type: Thruster

Height: 4.56in - 11.58 cm
Base: 4.49 in - 11.4 cm
Area: 14.36 in - 92.64 cm

Made From: TechFlex
Foil Type: Traditional

Recommended For:
Weight Category: 125 - 170 lbs (Ry Craike)
Surf Type: Hollow Surf - For Control and Release

Height: 4.56 in, 11.58 cm
Base: 4.49 in, 11.40 cm
Area: 14.48 sq in, 93.42 sq cm

Ride Number :   A tool to help you surf better.


It is impossible to look at the shape, foil, and flex of a fin independently. They all work together to create the feel under your feet.

The Techflex has a flat foil instead of a V2 so we designed the fin to open out so the cant will increase as the fin flexes in the middle (where there is no carbon).

This enables the fin to generate more lift.
The carbon in the tip makes the tip extremely responsive.

Learn More : system, template, foil and flex 

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