Featherfins - Ultralight Large Dual Tab Yellow

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Made of high quality materials
The bee panel provides lightness and stability.
The resin provides high strength and durability.
The width of its base make them very fast, producing speed and control with a magnificent performance.
With a moderate flex it is ideal for making fast changes of direction.

Designed for sand or reef surfing.

Size :: Large 

Weight rider : 75 - 90 kg


Base:4.61" / 117mm 

Depth: 4.70" / 119mm 

Area: 15.63"² / 10083mm² 

Sweep: 36.3º 

Foil: Flat 


Base: 4.47" / 114mm 

Depth: 4.45" / 113mm 

Area: 14.68"² / 9469mm² 

Sweep: 38.6º 

Foil: Flat

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