Exile - EX2 - Blairacuda L - Red Hot - Copy

€495,00 Incl. tax

Through years of R&D with the EX1, our team has worked on ways to improve a board that was already working brilliantly. The EX2 is stiffer, stronger, and will translate to higher performance for you the end-user.

What's different?

Added material, a new finish, and extra tapering in nose and tail to make the board...

Key Features of the EX2:

  • Enhanced E-Glass Reinforcement
  • Premium Polyester Resin
  • PVC Foam Core
  • Textured Finish


    Size                : L

    Shape             :  Blairacuda

    Dimensions    :  51.75" x    20.15" / 131,45 cm  x  52 cm 

    Weight limit   : <195 lbs     :  < 90 kg

    Thickness       : thickness 3/4" / tapered to 5/8" / 1,9 cm  verdunt naar 1,6 cm

    Rocker            :  Hybrid

    Finish              :  Textured


After giving our new RetroFish™ shape a solid go, Blair Conklin wanted to make some modifications he felt would make the board a little more high performance and better suited to his riding style.

So he sat down with us and we created the Blairacuda... A board that's narrower than the Retrofish through the nose and middle section of the board for better maneuverability, and features a less drastic swallow tail that Blair says, 'Works almost like a fin".

While the board performs well in straight waves and when doing frontside turns, he believes a majority of the added benefit from the fish shape is felt when riding backside on either 1ft liners or 6ft wedges.

One of the most difficult things to do on any finless board is to hold a line when you are going fast on your heel edge.

 He's a strong believer that this shape will help you with doing exactly that while being extremely rippable and versatile for many different conditions.

Not to mention this thing side slips like a bat out of hell.

5/8" Thickness

5/8" thickness is our thinnest core we offer. The thinner core creates an incredibly responsive skimboard that excels in average to great wave conditions. The thinner core does come at the cost of a little buoyancy.

Hybrid Rocker

The Hybrid Rocker is what we put on 90% of the boards we produce, and is the most versatile skimboard rocker for skimming anything from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Cabo. It clocks in roughly at 2.25" in the nose and about .125" in the tail with a fairly good size flat spot in the middle of the board. This allows the board to transition from sand to water easily, be super-fast, and turn on a dime.

If you aren't sure, this would be our pick!

Standard Build

Our industry leading standard build

NT Finish™

This finish combines the strength of our classic textured finish, with great cosmetics for improved looks with no compromise in strength. Some sanding required for proper traction adhesion.

Flat Deck

This deck option is the standard skimboard deck option seen on most skimboards.

Excellent for ANY skim conditions




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