Exile - Dude! Cruise 48 - Blue & White

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Dude! Cruise™

Exile flipped the skimboarding world on its head when we introduced the Dude! Cruise™ shape.

Quite possibly one of the easiest and most fun boards to ride in our line-up, the Dude! Cruise is shorter and wider than your normal skimboard.

The wide surface area under your front foot creates a ton of speed and float, while the wing and swallow-tail keep it highly maneuverable.

This shape planes extremely well and locks in down the line, making it a great choice for smaller, further out, or weaker conditions (although our team has proven there's very little it can't and handle).

It might be impossible to ride the Dude! Cruise without a smile on your face.

When in doubt, Dude! Cruise.


The EX0 is an economical E-Glass EPOXY constructed skimboard, with a clean, seam-free rail line.  

Key Features of the EX0 Model:

  • E-Glass Epoxy Construction
  • 3 Sizes to fit most riders
  • Seamless Rail
  • Superb High Gloss Finish
  • Multiple Colors and Designs


Size :

Board : 48" / 122 cm  x  3/4"   1,9 cm


Weight  Rider : up to 170lb  /  80 kg

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