Exile - Blairacuda Double Carbon L - Red

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Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy is the chosen construction type that all our Pro Model Skimboards are constructed with because, well... that's what the Pros prefer to ride!

After giving our new RetroFish™ shape a solid go, Blair Conklin wanted to make some modifications he felt would make the board a little more high performance and better suited to his riding style.

So he sat down with us and we created the Blairacuda... A board that's narrower than the Retrofish through the nose and middle section of the board for better maneuverability, and features a less drastic swallow tail that Blair says, 'Works almost like a fin".

While the board performs well in straight waves and when doing frontside turns, he believes a majority of the added benefit from the fish shape is felt when riding backside on either 1ft liners or 6ft wedges.

One of the most difficult things to do on any finless board is to hold a line when you are going fast on your heel edge.

 He's a strong believer that this shape will help you with doing exactly that, while being extremely rippable and versatile for many different conditions.

Not to mention this thing side slips like a bat out of hell.

Size :  L

52.50" x 20.46" x 5/8"

Weight limit : 195 Lbs   /   90 kg


This is the board that changed it all.

Many have tried to copy this board, all have failed. Unlike most skimboard companies, the most popular board we sell is also the most expensive board we sell.

Why you ask? Cause it’s just that good! The perfect balance of weight, strength and stiffness combine to make the most popular high-end skimboard ever.

We don't cut corners.

We don't skimp on materials or labor.

We do everything possible to build the best performing skimboard in the world, and that's why people love it.

We have customers still riding these boards from when our company was founded in 2002.


You want the best? This is it. Come and get it!

Carbon Fiber is practically synonymous with top of the line in any industry.

This fabric is highly coveted for its extreme strength and stiffness.

Exile uses only Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber and Epoxy resin, making these boards stronger, stiffer and lighter than our fiberglass boards. Truly the best skimboard money can buy and the trusted construction of all our top Professional riders.

Key Features of Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy:

  • A Full Sheet of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber on the top and bottom
  • Premium Epoxy Resin
  • S-Glass Reinforced Bottom
  • Reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass
  • Ultra High Density PVC Foam Core
  • Double Wrapped Rails
  • Every Trick in the Book
  • Size, Shape, and Thickness Options for ANY Size Rider in ANY Type of Conditions


Size :  M

51.75" x 20.13" x 5/8"

Weight limit : 170 Lbs   /   80 kg


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