Arbor - Axis GT 15

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GT Collection / Artist Series

The Axis is a symmetrical, snowboard inspired shape that offers quick rail-to-rail performance.

With drop-through mounting for a more ergonomic push and power through turns and slides.

Artist: Kyler Martz

Length: 40.00" / 102 cm

Width: 9.0 / 22,86 cm

Wheelbase: 30.50” / 76,2 cm


8 Plies of Sustainable Maple

Completes Include:: 

Compleet is opgebouwd met::

Trucks: Caliber 50 Caliber 10.0”
- Reverse Kingpin
- Width: 184.0mm
- Baseplate Angle: 50º – better turning
- Bushing: ultra-high rebound 89a Blood Orange barrel & cone combo

Wheels: Arbor Sucrose Initiative – Summit Series

- Balanced grip and drift performance
- Rebound and power to hug the road
- Size: 71.0mm
- Durometer: 78a
- Contact Patch: 56.0mm
- Offset: 2.5mm
- Core: Groovetube – reduces distortion for improved contact
- Formula: Sucrose – performance, durability, less petroleum

Bearings: ABEC 5



Mankind’s most sustainable building material. 
Bamboo is incredibly strong, yet flexible and easy to shape. 
By adding bamboo as a deck-side power ply, we create a hybrid maple construction that has a clean Zen flavor, nice return, and long lasting durability.


All of our wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply. All wood by-product created during the production of our skateboards is reclaimed for use in other Arbor products or by outside companies. 
This allows Arbor to stretch an important resource, while helping to reduce the strain on landfills and forests.


Lucid grip is made with long-lasting crushed recycled glass. 
This ultra clear re-grip surface allows the deck’s natural grain and color to remain highly visible, while providing better performance than silica bead alternatives.


All Arbor skateboards are produced using a water-based sanding sealer to avoid polluting the air we breathe, especially when skating.


All Arbor completes are shipped with recycled plastic risers, which allows us to reduce our dependence on petroleum-based plastics, while helping the effort to stop the proliferation of plastic pollution.

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