Zaplix Zydro Tailpad grey

€37,00 Incl. tax
3 piece Grip pad for your rear foot.

A so-called tail-Pad (cushioned pad for the rear foot which offer traction) is enough for the back foot, while the most advanced riders use a so-called 'archbar' (grip pad designed to fit the front foot's arch.)

The advantage of 'traction pads "(grip pads) is that they will offer a visual place to put your foot on consistently, while providing better grip than if you go without.

You'll feel safer with more difficult tricks and so-called 'air's' (tricks in the air) when you use 'Zydro Tailpad' to your rear foot and the so-called 'Zaplix-Zarchbar' for your front foot ...

Zap traction-pads are specially designed to fit all boards.

Dimensions: 38.7 cm x 33.6 cm.

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