Nuts traction - tailpad NO.2 black

€34,95 Incl. tax
This tailpad is designed to give your back foot the optimal grip and comfort when landing big airs and spins.

This is the perfect combination of the following specifications:


We use thinner and lighter high quality EVA foam that doesn't absorb any water.

Grid ::

The tailpad is an combination of an diamond grid pattern that consists of 3mm thick diamonds, and an square grid that consist of 3mm thick squares


The arch is 7mm high, so it delivers perfect traction and guides like a optimal orientation point.


We use only the best (industrial grade) 3M adhesive, thats even better than the most other brands use.
So you can be longer on the place you love the most, and dont have to worry about the pads peeling of.


The kicktail has an 45 degree angle to provide optimum resistance for back foot pressure.

3 pieces::

Its all personal preference: split them apart or leave them together for optimal grip.


Nuts Traction pads are developed in the Netherlands and worldwide here

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