Future - Vector 3/2/1 VF+ FCH2

€68,95 Incl. tax
3/2/1 : Triple Plane angles for speed/ respons

Designed for punchy beach breaks, with tight and crisp top to bottom surfing.

The Future Fins VF 452-321 again raise the bar for the Vector Foils. 3 foils, 3 different angles of attack give incredible drive through the turns, with a tip that allows immediate release.
Drag is reduced dramatically, and your board will feel faster and looser.

Future Fins Hatchet:

Loosen up that tail!
The unique Future Fins Hatchet fin with 50:1 foil increases both drive and nimbleness when used with any forward fin set. Makes the "feel" of your fins disappear.

Material: Natural Composite

A strong composite material
Greater flex rebound characteristics

Future Fins VF - 452-321 Size:

Height: 4 1/2" 114.3 mm
Base: 4 3/8" - 111.1 mm
Area: 15.4 sq. in - 99.4 sq. cm

Trailer: FCH2 (450 Hatchet)

Height: 4.50 in - 11.4 cm
Base: 3.35 in - 8.5 cm
Area: 13.2 in² - 85.16 cm²

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