Future - Scimitar 451 + CH2

€49,50 Incl. tax
The perfect combination of the Scimitar foil and the Hatchet center fin

The Scimitar is a constant variable plane fin, based on a variable algorithm. Starting with our Vector foil, the fin twists from the base of the fin and then cants in. We do it on three different agles of attack for maximum water attachment.

A highly refined design and smooth riding fin that holds through more of the turn. A very lively fin, best for rail-to-rail surfing.

Future Fins Hatchet

Loosen up that tail! The unique Future Fins Hatchet fin with 50:1 foil increases both drive and nimbleness when used with any forward fin set. Makes the "feel" of your fins disappear

Recommended For:
Weight Category: 125 - 170 lbs (Ry Craike)
Surf Type: Mushy Surf - For Speed and Drive

Trailer: FCH2 (450 Hatchet)

Height: 4.50 in - 11.4 cm
Base: 3.35 in - 8.5 cm
Area: 13.2 in² - 85.16 cm²

Scimitar fins:
Height: 4.52 in – 11.5 cm
Base: 4.37 in - 11.1 cm
Area: 15.39 in² - 99.29 cm²


Natural Composite

A strong composite material
Greater flex rebound characteristics

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