Firewire - Hellfire 5'8" Future shape

€650,00 Incl. tax

The HELLFIRE is a ‘contemporary Hybrid’, taking the best characteristics of the Dominator and Spitfire, maintaining bottom curve, thickness distribution and rail volume, but adding 2” in length with a narrower nose and tail. And deeper double concaves for extra lift and drive at speed.

The result is a more standard short board look and feel.

The HELLFIRE has more of the on-rail; in the pocket drivey feel that you trust in your “normal” short board.

Suggested lengths are 2” to 4” SHORTER than your regular short board, or 2” to 4” LONGER than your hybrid.

Shipping costs for surfboards and SUP's on request mail or call to:  /+31 (0)6 53 754 228

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