Eden - Carbon Comp 131

€349,00 Incl. tax

In all the top sport (sailing, formula 1, space travel…) carbon is inevitably and synonymous to performances, and a skimboard is no exception on this rule. 

Carbon has a big advantage, at the same weight it is many times stronger than fiberglass. 

With less weight and greater strength, as a result the board becomes quicker , more manoeuvrable and has more pop over a glass fiber board. 

The best board with regard to proportion (strength + performance)/weight. 


Hard PVC foam Airex medium Density, vacuum laminated carbon cloth with E-glass and polyester resin.

The Carbon Comp has been built with two layers COMPLETE carbon quality 3K.

Sizes :  

131cm x 50cm x 1,7 cm

Guideline rider::

length: 140 - 175

weights: 35 - 70 kg 

EDEN is the largest and oldest skimboard producer in Europe. 

EDEN is since 1987 seven times champion of France, one time European champion, two times runner-up in Europe. 


All our products have been guaranteed for one year on all production errors. 

This also applies for hidden lacks and clear weak points.

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